Course Pages

Course Outlines of Record

These outlines provide a guide for faculty in planning courses. The content shown is
the minimum content for each course. Students and prospective students may
also use the outlines as a preparation guide.

Course Number  Course Title
CSC 1105 Computer Science Colloquium
CIT 1307 Introduction to Computer Technology
CIT 1308 Intro. to Programming
CSC 1310 Computer Programming I
CSC 1311 Computer Programming II
CSC 2131 Professional Development Seminar
CSC 2160 UNIX Lab
CSC 2184 Internet Lab
CSC 2310 Intro. to Computer Software Systems
CSC 2320 Intro. to Computer Hardware Organization
CSC 2331 Data Structures
CSC 3321 Operating Systems
CSC 3322 Computer Architecture
CIT 3323 System Administration I
CSC 3325 Introduction to Information Security
CSC 3331 Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 3332 Fundamentals of Internet Systems
CSC 3342 Computer Graphics
CSC 3351 Data Communications
CSC 3355 Principles of Database Management
CSC 3360 Fundamentals of Programming
CSC 3361 Intermediate Programming
CSC 3370 Systems Programming
CSC 3371 Applied Data Structures
CSC 3373 Commercial Programming
CSC 3380 Introduction to Robotics
CSC 3385 Game Programming
CSC 3390 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 3391 Computer Science Co-op
CSC 3392 Database Management System Design
CSC 4322 Parallel Computing
CIT 4323 System Administration II
CSC 4330 Introduction to Cryptography
CSC 4340 Organization of Programming Languages
CSC 4350 Software Engineering
CSC 4355 Database Management Design and Development
CSC 4356 Web Programming
CSC 4360 Hardware and Media Security
CSC 4370 Web-based Database Management Systems
CSC 4383 Introduction to Computational Modeling
CSC 4384 Advanced Computer Graphics
CSC 4385 System Simulation and Modeling
CSC 4386 Automata, Formal Languages, and Computability
CSC 4387 Seminar in Computer Science
CSC 4388 Systems Design and Development
CSC 4389 Computer Communication Networks
CIT 4392 Computer Technology Seminar